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Inspiration [Alloy] July 28, 2009

Filed under: Inspiration — patchesofsunshine @ 9:54 pm actually got me thinking about Autumn today.  Crazy.  I feel like that season is so far away seeing as So Cal’s Winter is like the Autums I’m used to and Winter feels nonexistent.


Apparently I’m liking navy and leather.


What I Wore [striped shorts] July 27, 2009

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Damn, it was hot today. I spent a decent amount of time at and in the pool!

26 001(oh bloated belly, I’m sorry I fill you with alcohol every weekend)
26 002
26 003

new shorts from Charlotte Russe.  It was buy one sale item get the second for free- nice!

26 00426 00626 005
(top Old Navy, hat … forget, bag gift, sunglasses Wet Seal, flip flops Old Navy, bikini forget)

I’m detoxing.  My poor body needs it.  It’s healthy, I know better than to ever starve myself but damn, I’m still hungry!


just a thought July 26, 2009

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I’ve noticed that those who follow fashion get away with wearing things that would normally be deemed rather skanky.  Anyone agree?  I don’t mean that as insult to anyone.  Hell, I fall into that category now and then!  Sometimes, I feel like it gets taken a bit far though.

If you’re walking around in this dress during the day and it fits you tightly and rides up high… well, I don’t think you’re really asking to be respected.  No, we shouldn’t judge people by what they wear but we all know that the main argument against dressing “trashy-like” is that people will assume you are that way and treat you as so.

I just wonder if a person dressed this way would get angry if someone was to make the wrong assumption about them.   It’s something to think about.  Can a fashionable outfit still be considered slutty?

ps. Sorry if I insulted anyone with this. It wasn’t my intention.  A lot of what’s in style right now is short hemlines, tight skirts, cut out dresses etc and I just think they have a time and place (much as I love them).


What I Wore [tights in summer]

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I hosted a girls night on Friday. It was fun! I made sure to take some pictures before hand because I’m awful at remember during the actual event.  There was more food but I didn’t get pictures!

24 00724 01024 00824 009
24 01124 01224 005
24 004
(brownies and spinach pastries made by me! tshirt Forever 21, skirt thrifted, necklace MCRD + thrifted)

I know, the pink shirt again! This is the first time I wore tights in months and months. I picked these up at a grocery store on sale for $2.50.


What I Wore [new clothes] July 25, 2009

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Currently nursing a hangover. Girls night last night. I miss my husband. 6 more days until he gets home.

New shirt from Charlotte Russe.
16 00516 003
16 004
(shorts Wet Seal)

My sister got me these shorts for my birthday from!! I love them. They’re like bloomers, hehe.16 00916 007
16 01216 013
(tops Old Navy)


What I Wore [ginham + pink] July 23, 2009

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14 015

14 01714 01814 019
14 02314 02414 02614 022
(tshirt Forever 21, shorts thrifted)

I picked up that tshirt in black yesterday. I normally don’t do that but I’ve made an exception for tshirts.


My 22nd Birthday! [July 11] July 21, 2009

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13 00913 01113 010
Oceanside Pier
13 01513 01613 019
Me and my new hat, mango slushee and my cousin