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Friends and shoep0rn February 28, 2009

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I’m so happy to be making friends here! haha It feels silly to say that but it only gets harder as you get older and when you aren’t going to school or work and you don’t drive… well, it doesn’t help.  I had a hard time meeting people back in WA but luckily there are so many military spouses and such here that it makes it a bit easier. Today my husband and I are off to the beach (sunny day!) with another couple and then off to dinner.  Tomorrow I might meet up with two military wives for the first time, at the mall.  :)
If shoes were food I’d have a big craving for all flavours right now…

I reeeeeeeeeeally want these:
but of course they’re the ones out of my price range.   tear.


Polyvore [florals vs studs] February 27, 2009

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This time last year we were all going a little floral crazy. This year? It’s all about the studs.  Well, I love both and luckily it doesn’t look like either trend will be going away any time soon. So bring on the floral and studs!

Studs vs Florals
Studs vs Florals – by sofastrout on


In Love with Lover (the label) February 25, 2009

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I’m head over heels in love with the label Lover.  I wish I could own it all!  I love that it goes from masculine inspired to overly feminin to sexy lace.  I don’t have a defined style I really love to try it all and I think these clothes reflect that.

Here’s a few looks from their new Spring line:

I actually really love the use of the sweat shorts… didn’t see that one coming! (Rumi wore them so well here). I also love the all blue ensemble and the idea of mixing more classic items like a cap and tshirt with something trendy ie high waisted shorts.
Again the sweat-pant material! I think the pockets help make them more wearable.

And some from past lines:
I love the henley-esque tops
Those white tights!!
I want it all…


What I Wore [day vs night]

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Tonight, my husband and I are having a cheap date night.  I like date nights in general but I’m always looking for ways to keep the cost down and tonight Ihop provided a great opportunity.  Apparently it’s National Pancake Day so Ihop is giving out free triple stack pancakes to their guests. So, the hubby and I are off to Ihop for some pancake goodness (and a side or two I’m sure) and then we’ll come back home to watch last nights episode of House and maybe some delicious apple pie.

Here’s my day look:
(pants Forever 21, Oxford heels Target)

and my night look:
(skirt Goodwill, tights Ebay)

Simply swapped my jeans for a skirt and changed my shoes (not pictured but they’re my black/white flats).

This flower is from a ring which broke so I simple attatched it to a chain and voila! A new necklace.


Wishlist [F21 Spring] February 24, 2009

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I have to make a trip to Forever 21 soon to get a birthday present for my sister. She’s from Canada and doesn’t have that store, so she went online and picked out some things she likes.  Who knows if I’ll find any of it in the actual store here though; that’s always pretty hit or miss (usually miss).

I miiight have to pick up one or two of these items for myself while I’m there…



What I Wore/Things that Make Me Feel Good February 23, 2009

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Things that make you feel good.

  • When something I’ve cooked comes out right.
  • Jake reaching for me in his sleep.
  • Starbucks.
  • Sandy beaches.
  • Singing along to a song with someone.
  • Hearing from people I love.
  • Forrest coming into bed with me as soon as Jake leaves.
  • DIY projects.
  • Words or praise.
  • Great deals.
  • Pixar animation.
  • Feeling pretty with little to no make up on.
  • Being just the right temperature when snuggling into my blankets in bed.
  • A good, hard run.
  • Sharing a smile or laugh.
  • Real hugs.
  • Agreeing on something with Jake. haha.
  • Seeing my family.
  • Feeling needed.
  • New clothes!
  • Alcohol.
  • A clean house.
  • Laughing really hard.
  • New friends.
  • Going out.
  • Animals.
  • Having someone play with your hair.
  • Sweet dreams.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Dancing.
  • Christmas time.
  • Dressing up.
  • Sunshine.
  • Happy babies.
  • Eating healthy
  • Playing volleyball.
  • Swimming in fresh water.
  • Phone calls on my birthday.
  • Herbie sleeping on me.
  • Having money to spend.
  • Getting my period and knowing I’m not pregnant.
  • Resisting something I shouldn’t have/do.
  • Going to Canada.
  • Seeing myself lose weight.
  • Having no zits.
  • Eating out with Jake.
  • New magazines.
  • Jake cooking us breakfast.
  • Entertaining people.
  • Seeing Jake after being apart for a while.

23-010(belt I forget but it was $2, vest Bitten by SJP, top Old Navy, cardigan Old Navy, pants Wet Seal, boots gift)


What I Wore/DIY [bleached jeans] February 20, 2009

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I wish I hadn’t used quite so much bleach on these but it was an easy DIY so I thought I’d share. I think I’ll still alter these to make them skinner. Hopefully they grow on me some more and I get wear out of them.  I basically do not hold onto things that don’t get worn regularly!


I think they look more tie dyed than I wanted.