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New years eve December 31, 2008

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Happy New Years…Eve!!

new years eve 2008 by sofastrout

Nothing says NYE parties like sequins, feathers, leather and all things glitz and glamour.  I don’t think I’m going out tonight… I’m not even sure I’ll dress up but I do plan on making blended cranberry vodka drinks and, uh, maybe giving Britney Spears’ new album a listen. I hope you all have  a safe and fun night!

(blazer Bryans/gift, scarf gift/Le Chateau, socks Wet Seal, tights Ebay, bow clip self made, skirt self made, top Old Navy, rings Suzy Shier)

My tights look quite awful in that picture.


Interior Decorating December 30, 2008

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I’m moving to California in less than three weeks! I’m so excited!

I plan on really getting into interior decorating at the new place… lots of DIY ideas.  I really like a whimsical feel, lots of patterns, little details…

Here are some inspirational pictures I’ve been collecting:

(Decor8, Chez Larson, Apartment Therapy, Urban Outfitters…)


Boxing Day December 27, 2008

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Today’s Boxing Day in Canada (like America’s Black Friday) but no one will take me shopping (I can’t drive).  Oh well, I’m sure the sales will be on for a while.

My Christmas was nice. It was very much what I’m used to.  That said, I am eager to have my own traditions and I hope to change things around a bit next year.  When it comes to holidays or special occasions, I think of your five  senses; smell, touch, sight, sound, taste.   At Christmas I like to smell baked goods and candles (or a real fireplace like my parents have), touch a Christmas tree and scarves, see lights and snow and people I love, hear laughter and music, and taste spiked hot chocolate and shortbread…. among many other things.   If I get that, I’m content.

A few of my received gifts:

My husband and I will have our own mini little Christmas when we get to our new home in California, mid-January. :)


Happy Holidays December 26, 2008

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Christmas Wishes December 24, 2008

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Merry Christmas!!


I have snow, family, little cousins, a Christmas tree,  chocolate, a new dress…   I’m missing a few things but you know, it’s okay.  This is such a wonderful time of year; I’m very thankful.  And once I get home, I will only have a few days before my husband arrives!  We’ll visit friends and family, throw a party (I like any excuse for a party. I plan on throwing an inauguration party even though I don’t know anyone in California really) and then get us all in the Uhaul (‘us’ being my husband and I, dog and cat) and move down to San Diego, California… into our new apartment!! So exciting!

Awful picture (I need a black bra!) but that’s my new dress… found it at Superstore for $8! It’s probably the most comfortable thing I own.


I found out today I can take the ferry to Vancouver and my aunt will pick me up and have me spend the night at their house before taking me to the bus to get home…or she might even drive me and we’ll go shopping! Either way, it saves me the hassle of taking extra buses or skytrains.  :)  Taking the bus from Vancouver to Tacoma is 5-6 hours long!  It’s a load of stress off my shoulders, knowing this.


What I Wore [pastels] December 21, 2008

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Today’s outfit was a good break from black, I guess.  I feel kind of like a doll but in a good way.  Pastel colours are so calming… I feel as though I should float away on a cloud at any moment.

It’s still snowing.


(tights Ebay, tights Urban Outfitters, dress Rave, top Old Navy, necklace self made)

ps. This is the dress I dyed using wine.  hehe.


What I Wore [Christmas Party]

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Last night I went to a Christmas party with my parents and despite everyone being around 20 years older than me, I had a great time!


(self altered dress, Dollar Store tights, gift shoes, gift top, self made necklace, Wet Seal earrings, Revlon nail polish)

The bottom of this dress if from an Old Navy dress. The top half of it was too small so I took it off and replaced it with the top of a black dress I had.  I’m wearing a top underneath it for warmth!