Style is influence, passion and beauty.

just a thought July 26, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — patchesofsunshine @ 10:03 pm

I’ve noticed that those who follow fashion get away with wearing things that would normally be deemed rather skanky.  Anyone agree?  I don’t mean that as insult to anyone.  Hell, I fall into that category now and then!  Sometimes, I feel like it gets taken a bit far though.

If you’re walking around in this dress during the day and it fits you tightly and rides up high… well, I don’t think you’re really asking to be respected.  No, we shouldn’t judge people by what they wear but we all know that the main argument against dressing “trashy-like” is that people will assume you are that way and treat you as so.

I just wonder if a person dressed this way would get angry if someone was to make the wrong assumption about them.   It’s something to think about.  Can a fashionable outfit still be considered slutty?

ps. Sorry if I insulted anyone with this. It wasn’t my intention.  A lot of what’s in style right now is short hemlines, tight skirts, cut out dresses etc and I just think they have a time and place (much as I love them).


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