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What I Wore [crop top] August 25, 2009

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15 01815 02115 02015 01915 022(top Forever 21, skirt Target)


Wishlist [Fall]

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Looking forward to Fall


Leggings, faux leather jacket, plaid skirt/dress, skinny knit pants and black boots…    Yes please!


What I Wore [wet hair] August 22, 2009

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15 01615 01515 017
(top Hanes DIY, skirt Ebay DIY)

Smiling because of…

  • Tumblr
  • vodka
  • shopping this Sunday with two lovely girls
  • roadtrip/vacation in 9 days
  • my cat bringing my mice as gifts that I quickly dispose of
  • my cat cuddling me instead
  • Veet haha
  • Medieval Times tomorrow?

What I Wore [purple] August 18, 2009

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13 00313 00613 00513 00213 007
(top Forever 21, skirt DIY)


DIY [making a teacup candle] August 15, 2009

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Making a teapot candle…

1.  Buy a cheap candle and cut it up into pieces. Keep cutting until you have the wick separated. Put the wick aside!  You can buy wax but it tends to cost more. I used a cookie dough scented candle from Michaels.

2. Place wax pieces in pot on medium heat. Uh, do not leave this unattended. Stir regularly.15 005

2. Pick your teacup!
15 006

3.  Take the wick from the original candle and tape it to a pen. Place the pen over the teacup, balancing it, so that the wick in the middle of the cup.
15 007

4. Pour melted wax into teacup.
15 008

5. Let dry and….voila!
15 009

Also… candles are often only coloured on the outside so once you cut into it you’ll see how it’ll end up. My original candle was yellow-ish but the inside was white so once it dried, it just looked white.


Wish List August 10, 2009

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Forever 21

Urban Outfitters


What I Wore [simple summer] August 4, 2009

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My outfits are so simple lately. It has been hot and I’ve really just been at home or at the pool.

4 006
(top Old Navy DIY, shorts Charlotte Russe)

4 014
(top and skirt Old Navy)

4 007
(top my moms from when she was a teen! she did the dino screen print, shorts and sunglasses Wet Seal)

4 012