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What I Wore [cuffs] June 26, 2009

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21 004

21 005
21 00621 009
(jeans Forever 21, blazer thrifted/Goodwill, blouse Target, nail polish Charlotte Russe)


What I Wore [and bought]

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I had my camera while shopping yesterday.  I kept forgetting to take pictures of things I tried on but here’s a few…

25 002What I wore to shop. (jeans Wet Seal, tank top Forever 21, tank top Old Navy, shoes Charlotte Russe)

I was trying to find a dress to wear to some summer weddings but funnily enough, they were all too short! I want something colouful, summery and yes, short but not hoochie short! I guess being 5’10” I was simply too tall for the dresses.  That had never happened before though so I guess the styles right now are extra short.  Hopefully I can find something before the end of August!

25 003
Forever 21 dressing room. I really wanted to jeans in the front but I resisted! It is summer after all…

25 00525 007
Cute but… way too short on 5’10” ol’ me!

Here’s what I did buy…
25 01925 01025 01325 012

pink tshirt from Forever 21 ($4.50? yes please!), cutoff shorts from Wet Seal ($20 and I can roll them once more to make them shorter) as well as a scarf for $1.  From Victoria’s Secret I grabbed the only Beauty Rush lipgloss on sale for $1.75! I love their lipgloss. I also got a little tube of cream eyeshadow for the same price which I’m really liking.

I recently put in an order to Every Day Minerals for some new makeup. I was all out of foundation and concealer so I got some of that plus some blush and even an eyeshadow. I bought a $34 kit which came with 6 things as well as a free sample kit (which is what I had before).  I loove their makeup.  It all arrived yesterday and I’m so pleased with it!  I really do recommend it as far as mineral make up goes.


Tumblr June 18, 2009

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I tried Twitter and wasn’t really feeling it but Tumblr? Love it! Such a great way to share snippits of inspiration. Here’s mine:


What I Wore [and didn’t] June 16, 2009

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I always like those editorials in magazines where they use one item in a series of outfits.  I had a moment like that the other night.  I was going out to a bar/restaurant to watch UFC 99 with my husband and ended up switching outfits last minute.  All I really did was change my skirt and lose the belt but I like how the smallest thing can completely alter the way an outfit looks.

13 01413 01713 01513 016
(skirt worn as dress Old Navy, top Forever 21, belt unknown, flats Charlotte Russe)

13 02013 02313 02113 02413 019
(same as above but… skirt DIY and cat = Herbie mine and my husband’s)


What I Wore [school girl] June 13, 2009

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I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because I actually made a table/spreadsheet type thing to figure out mine and my husband’s finances.  I basically figured out how much of our paycheques go towards bills and then what we can spend on things like restaurants, clothes etc with the left over money plus what can go into savings. The plan is to have three jars; one for gas money, one for restaurant/alcohol/clothes etc money and the other for grocery money. A set amount of each paycheque will go into each jar.  So that way we know how much we’re spending and can see when we’re running low.  MUCH easier than having it in the bank all the time, I think.  Hopefully it works out!  At the very least it will relieve some stress for me.

11 009

11 015
11 01411 017

11 010
(skirt Old Navy, socks Wet Seal, shoes Target, blouse Target, blazer Bryans, necklace gift DIY)

I forgot to get a better shot of the necklace. It’s a long pearl necklace that I “tied” a knot in… basically I took a  pearl bracelet and wrapped it around part of the necklace creating a faux knot.


Shop for Less June 11, 2009

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Wet Seal


Urban Outfittersuosale


Inspiration [around the web] June 9, 2009

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Fashion Squad