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Blogger Love March 30, 2009

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A few blogs that are making their way onto my blog list… Check them out!

(Kate Moss looks so much better with some more weight on her!)


Inspiration [in the magazines] March 27, 2009

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Pictures taken by me from… Nylon March and April and Cosmopolitan March.  Some favourites.  26-002
I LOVE this look… Definitely looking for a light coloured blazer and boho-esque dress

Looove this dress!
I only care what’s “in” if it means stores will keep selling it. haha But I really like these items.
I especially love the dress and skirt
Great shirt
I definitely want one of these hats
I made pants like this… but they fell apart. haha Tip: Do not over bleach!
I’m in love with these tank tops… I thought they’d be easy to make but I’m having trouble!
sundress over a button up shirt? genius!
(red lips are never out!)


What I Wore [primary colours] March 25, 2009

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Spring has definitely arrived in So Cal! And with it is 70 degree weather.  Oh, bliss.

I’m still fighting this cold but I managed to workout today, go to the store for some things* and read the latest Nylon in at the park while sipping on lemonade.  It’s a rough life, I know.  Off to do laundry now!

(red flats Charlotte Russe, yellow dress Victoria’s Secret, headband self made)

*I bought this (I think) adorable vase I’ve been eyeing for a while from Big Lots for only $3.  Not going to lie, I love discount stores.  I picked the flowers from a bush outside my apartment- they’re all over the place here.


What I Wore [short shorts and fedoras] March 24, 2009

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Last night I almost went to the hospital because my ear hurt SO badly.  It was the worst amount of pain I’ve ever felt for, you know, longer than a few minutes (it lasted hours).  I felt sure it would pass though so my husband helped me get to sleep and sure enough the pain went away hours later.  Today it’s just plugged and very annoying/semi painful.  :(

I did make a delicious cocktail of sorts today to cheer myself up, haha.  Malibu rum, orange juice and pineapple juice- so delicious!  It’s a beautiful day out too.  Spring is sure here.



(shorts ebay self altered, tshirt Old Navy, fedora Target, shoes Charlotte Russe)

I’ll have to find a straw hat or something now that I’m in Cali… this black fedora makes my head hot.


Things to Try March 23, 2009

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Why don’t you…

Wear hot pink

Stay in bed a little longer

Cut holes into one of your shirts

Hang a ton of pictures

Wear your hair up during the day as if it were night time

Wear a prime colour

(Domino Magazine, Sex and Coffee blog and I honestly forget the rest- sorry!)


Being a tourist March 20, 2009

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My parents and youngest sister were visiting this past week so I got to do a lot of touristy things with them like Disneyland, California Adventure Park and the San Diego Zoo!  Plus a tiny bit of shopping (I bought a new top from Forever 21) and a larger amount of tanning on warm beaches.  Wonderful.



Shop for Less March 14, 2009

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I’m a frugal shopper so this definitely appeals to me but I’m hoping it’ll appeal to others as well.  I can’t even bring myself to shop at The Gap nevermind buying an Alexander Wang piece (as much as I’d love to)… I see nothing wrong with doing so in general but I never feel as though I can afford it.  How weird does that sound?  Yeah.  Obviously I can afford The Gap!  I don’t know why I’m using The Gap as an example…   My problem is I end up with shitty quality clothes but you know, they do still last quite a while.  I like doing DIYs, buying new things, getting rid of stuff in my closet and not worrying about “wrecking” my clothes… so shopping inexpensively makes sense to me.  Not to mention I already get shoppers guilt any time I shop for myself!

Generally, I shop at places like Forever 21 and Old Navy.  Honestly, I don’t shop very often anymore.  I love places like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel but never live near them and when I do get to one, I never seem to have much money to spend. I think if I went to those places more regularly I would actually buy from them.  Anyway, the point of all this babbling is that I’ve decided to feature some clothing from stores that offer inexpensive clothing.  I think Target is a pretty obvious one but I was surprised to see how many cute things were at less popular places like Kmart and Walmart! Seriously….cute.  I’ll try to do a post like this every now and then.


(I really want a pair of pumps and these have a less than 2″ heel which is perfect for me!)

(I never go in Kmart so I had no idea they had such a selection)