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DIY [making a teacup candle] August 15, 2009

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Making a teapot candle…

1.  Buy a cheap candle and cut it up into pieces. Keep cutting until you have the wick separated. Put the wick aside!  You can buy wax but it tends to cost more. I used a cookie dough scented candle from Michaels.

2. Place wax pieces in pot on medium heat. Uh, do not leave this unattended. Stir regularly.15 005

2. Pick your teacup!
15 006

3.  Take the wick from the original candle and tape it to a pen. Place the pen over the teacup, balancing it, so that the wick in the middle of the cup.
15 007

4. Pour melted wax into teacup.
15 008

5. Let dry and….voila!
15 009

Also… candles are often only coloured on the outside so once you cut into it you’ll see how it’ll end up. My original candle was yellow-ish but the inside was white so once it dried, it just looked white.


DIY [Bleach take II] April 1, 2009

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I re-bleached these jeans. They just weren’t working for me* I love them now!  Sometimes though my DIY stupidity amazes me… like with these jeans. The fabric is not stretchy and yet I insisted on taking them in numerous times so that they’d fit tightly.  Now I’m not sure if the seams are going to hold up or if one day my jeans will just…pop! haha It doesn’t help that bleach weakens the fabric.

(don’t mind the clashing tank top. I really just put the pants on for these pictures…definitely didn’t plan an outfit around them! It was, like, 10pm and I had just finished altering them)

  • That said, Rumi is rockin’ this Walmart pair!


Things to Try (II) March 3, 2009

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Why don’t you…
Dress extra girly for a day
(Keiko Lynn blog)
Cut up your leggings
Decorate using candy
(Niotillfem blog)
Go on a picnic
Add colour to your home
(Swish and Swanky blog)
Play like you’re a child again
(I forget, sorry!)
Get organized
(again, I forget…)
Put a little hippy into your outfit
(Jane magazine)


What I Wore/DIY [bleached jeans] February 20, 2009

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I wish I hadn’t used quite so much bleach on these but it was an easy DIY so I thought I’d share. I think I’ll still alter these to make them skinner. Hopefully they grow on me some more and I get wear out of them.  I basically do not hold onto things that don’t get worn regularly!


I think they look more tie dyed than I wanted.



What I Wore/DIY [ripped jeans] February 19, 2009

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I finally finished (well, maybe) my ripped jeans.  They started out like so…

were inspired by…


and now look like this…


I don’t think they’ll stay in one piece for long but oh well, they’re fun.  I’m not usually so trendy but I do love a good DIY. I’ve also done some acid wash jeans but I’ll save that for another post.

A closer look:

To get this look I…

  • sprayed the fuck out of the pants with a bleach/water mixture (more bleach than water)
  • washed pants x2 and let them air dry
  • using a sewing machine, I took them in at the sides. I guess the bleach stretched the fabric.
  • took scissors and cut lines into the front of the pants; frayed the edges with my fingers.