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What I Wore [and bought] June 26, 2009

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I had my camera while shopping yesterday.  I kept forgetting to take pictures of things I tried on but here’s a few…

25 002What I wore to shop. (jeans Wet Seal, tank top Forever 21, tank top Old Navy, shoes Charlotte Russe)

I was trying to find a dress to wear to some summer weddings but funnily enough, they were all too short! I want something colouful, summery and yes, short but not hoochie short! I guess being 5’10” I was simply too tall for the dresses.  That had never happened before though so I guess the styles right now are extra short.  Hopefully I can find something before the end of August!

25 003
Forever 21 dressing room. I really wanted to jeans in the front but I resisted! It is summer after all…

25 00525 007
Cute but… way too short on 5’10” ol’ me!

Here’s what I did buy…
25 01925 01025 01325 012

pink tshirt from Forever 21 ($4.50? yes please!), cutoff shorts from Wet Seal ($20 and I can roll them once more to make them shorter) as well as a scarf for $1.  From Victoria’s Secret I grabbed the only Beauty Rush lipgloss on sale for $1.75! I love their lipgloss. I also got a little tube of cream eyeshadow for the same price which I’m really liking.

I recently put in an order to Every Day Minerals for some new makeup. I was all out of foundation and concealer so I got some of that plus some blush and even an eyeshadow. I bought a $34 kit which came with 6 things as well as a free sample kit (which is what I had before).  I loove their makeup.  It all arrived yesterday and I’m so pleased with it!  I really do recommend it as far as mineral make up goes.


3 Responses to “What I Wore [and bought]”

  1. Dawna Says:

    I’m 5’8″ and I too find most dresses these days are too short for me to feel comfortable wearing. Like, is my butt hanging out is a serious thought that I have!

  2. ken Says:

    Get that husband of yours to find me some I can visit! he’s draggin his feet.

  3. ken Says:

    find some time, I meant…

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