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Inspiration [rolled denim + hot pink] May 28, 2009

Filed under: Inspiration — patchesofsunshine @ 7:19 pm

So, I’ve learned that living here my dog MUST be on flea medicine all the time. He was on it for four months but I recently ran out and forgot to buy more… well, he got fleas and he got them bad. I gave him a flea bath yesterday but found another flea on him today, so I gave him a second bath.  I read that putting aloe vera on the bites really helps with the itching… so I basically had to rub that onto his balls.  Awkward!  He has so many bites though, poor guy.  Hopefully tonight I can get him back on the medicine… it’s just the basic ointment you put alone their spine once a month but it was working great.  My cat seems to be unaffected, luckily.  I just feel so bad for my dog. I mean, it’s my fault!

In other words, I’m still loving this cuffed denim look

as well as HOT pink clothing


One Response to “Inspiration [rolled denim + hot pink]”

  1. I love the first 2 pics, love Australia (& the opera house!) and …Love Maegan, well she just speaks for herself! :)

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