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What I Wore [lbd] May 18, 2009

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Weight loss is such a frustrating endeavor, especially when you’re not dieting.  I changed my life style a few years ago to being a healthier one and dropped almost 30lbs but I never really reached my goal weight, even now I’m still 15lbs shy.  I know I’m still carrying a bit of extra weight on me and while I could simply say “oh well”, I don’t want to! I want to reach my goal and maintain it.  I know it’s possible but it means pushing myself a lot harder.  I do great all week but when the weekend rolls around not only do I eat more but I exercise a lot less.  I’m okay with the eating more on weekends thing but I really really need to keep the exercise up.   I’m not going to let myself be discouraged.  I can do this!

Here are some pictures from a few nights ago. My husband and I went to California Pizza Kitchen again for dinner, hehe.  Their pizza is sooo good.

15 01415 00615 015
15 008
(dress Goodwill, earrings gift)


One Response to “What I Wore [lbd]”

  1. amy Says:

    awww I certainly know how it is with weight loss. I also lost weight, and never felt like I had achieved my goal. I battle everyday with myself. I feel guilty when I eat, and feel guilty when I don’t. I just hate this cycle. I guess it’s being a girl?! But you do look beautiful, and wow you have such nice legs!

    Good luck, best wishes, and hopefully you’ll feel more content soon

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