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What I Wore [red skirt vs red lips] May 14, 2009

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13 00113 002
(skirt ebay/DIY, top Old Navy, necklace DIY)

This morning I went into San Diego to run some errands with my husband. It was about a 45min drive. We brought our dog with plans of hitting up the huge dog beach in the area but unfortunatley my husband had to head back to work so our afternoon was cut short. Too bad. I am trying to convince that husband of mine that we should make more trips to San Diego… there is SO much to do there.  This was only the first time we’d been since I moved here four months ago!  Not acceptable.  Any of you have favourite San Diego spots?

“plain lips” and messy makeup
13 00313 00413 005

“red lips” and even messier makeup13 00713 00813 009

I just took a little walk over to Big Lots to invest in some… cheap lipstick.  I’ve never worn much of it but have been wanting to experiment with different colours so I figured I’d get some inexpensive stuff to play around with for now.  I bought a bright red tube by Revlon (I’m actually a big fan of their makeup and nail polish!) for only $2! I also bought some gloss type lipstick by Sally Hansen for again, $2 each in orange and pink… the quality isn’t as good and they don’t give you much in the tube but I do love the colours.  Pretty awesome.

Now I just need to convince you readers to go to the e.l.f. website, sign up and then refer me so I can get a gift card. hehe


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