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Friends and shoep0rn February 28, 2009

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I’m so happy to be making friends here! haha It feels silly to say that but it only gets harder as you get older and when you aren’t going to school or work and you don’t drive… well, it doesn’t help.  I had a hard time meeting people back in WA but luckily there are so many military spouses and such here that it makes it a bit easier. Today my husband and I are off to the beach (sunny day!) with another couple and then off to dinner.  Tomorrow I might meet up with two military wives for the first time, at the mall.  :)
If shoes were food I’d have a big craving for all flavours right now…

I reeeeeeeeeeally want these:
but of course they’re the ones out of my price range.   tear.


One Response to “Friends and shoep0rn”

  1. Maria Says:

    I hope you meet tons of friendly people. I’m always happy when I meet someone. But these past weeks I’ve been stuck at home so it was really hard for me to meet new people, but now I think things are about to be different.

    I have to admit that my eyes are often turned on clothes and not that much on shoes. Plus, I think they’re too expensive and in this days the price doens’t guarantee us quality. So I only buy shoes mostly on sales because I wear those sizes that other people don’t wear and that’s why I get so many cheap shoes. *

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