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In Love with Lover (the label) February 25, 2009

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I’m head over heels in love with the label Lover.  I wish I could own it all!  I love that it goes from masculine inspired to overly feminin to sexy lace.  I don’t have a defined style I really love to try it all and I think these clothes reflect that.

Here’s a few looks from their new Spring line:

I actually really love the use of the sweat shorts… didn’t see that one coming! (Rumi wore them so well here). I also love the all blue ensemble and the idea of mixing more classic items like a cap and tshirt with something trendy ie high waisted shorts.
Again the sweat-pant material! I think the pockets help make them more wearable.

And some from past lines:
I love the henley-esque tops
Those white tights!!
I want it all…


4 Responses to “In Love with Lover (the label)”

  1. Maria Says:

    Aww lovely choices. The dresses are beautiful. *

  2. gennieyi Says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! Just wanted to tell you that I bought my studs from

    Happy studding!!

  3. trang Says:

    lovely outfits!

  4. bonnie Says:

    I love all of these looks so much! So summery. Makes me want to go summer shopping :)

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