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What I Wore [red tights] February 14, 2009

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Last night my husband and I went to Islands restaurant where we had yummy burgers and semi-healthy french fries (cookies in Canola oil or something).  It had the kind of menu we like (when we want “American” food); burgers, salads, sandwiches and wraps, tacos (okay that’s random but they weren’t traditional tacos) etc.  They even had an exotic bird burger section which included McCaw and Tucan!! Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be trying that.  I will only really eat pigs, cows and chicken… basically because I haven’t wanted to go vegetarian but I, uh, feel bad eating too many different animals.  Weird…   Anyway, then we watched Babylon A.D since the hubs was in the mood for a “kind of crappy acting over the top action movie” and then my pick, Trade which I would definitely recommend.

We’ve said we wouldn’t do anything for Valentines Day. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if we did and I did already get my husband some chocolates but that’s alright.  He is very good at showing his love and appreciation for me on a regular basis!  I think we’re heading on base to do a big grocery shopping trip and walk around a bit.

I might be a little lame wearing red tights today but I don’t mind, I like it. I feel…festive. hehe.

I had to give my kitty some love since my dog always seems to end up in my pictures.
(top Old Navy, skirt Old Navy, necklace self made, tights Ebay, shoes Goodwill)

… The necklace just has a hair clip stuck to it. It’s a bow from one of those Forever 21 headbands that I glued to a bobby pin.


2 Responses to “What I Wore [red tights]”

  1. Dawna Says:

    I dressed up in valentine’s colors too :)

  2. Amber Says:

    You look lovely! And I like that your hair is more wavy in the CA heat, it suits you.

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