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What I Wore [you’d think I was 8 again] February 11, 2009

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I’m putting together an Olsens post… hard to find picture that I know we’ve all seen before though. Hm. I disliked them as a kid but maybe it was jealousy?  I definitely look up to them now.

The weather in Socal has been pretty lame but seems to be looking up.  I wore this yesterday but was really too cold.  I used a “belt” from a pair of shorts I no longer own and tied in a bow around my waist. I like it but with this dress I think it might be a little too “let’s go Easter Egg hunting” or something.  Oddly enough, I haven’t really been wearing dresses all that often lately.  I’m not even sure why!  I think I’m feeling more “rocker” than “girly” these days.

And no, I hadn’t done my hair yet. This is just what I do when I get out of the shower.

(dress Goodwill, belt Target, tshirt Suzy Shier altered by me)

I wish my camera would take decent pictures of my makeup. I’ve been playing around with it a lot more lately!

My husband and our cat.  :)


One Response to “What I Wore [you’d think I was 8 again]”

  1. Katia Says:

    I think your outfit is adorable! And no it doesn’t look like your 8!

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