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On the Red Carpet [51st Annual Grammy Awards] February 10, 2009

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Normally I don’t post about award shows, at least I don’t think I do… but a few women stood out to me this year at the Grammys so I thought I’d share their pictures.    I actually really enjoyed the performances this year!  I thought their was a ton of talent.  The whole “let’s match up opposite talents” was a little funny but for the most part really seemed to work well.  Besides, it’s becomming such a common thing in the music industry that it just makes sense to have it carry over to the Grammy’s.  One of my favourite performances was actually Estelle and Kanye West which is surprising because I didn’t think I liked that song very much beforehand… but Kanye is always wonderful and Estelle was so flawless!  She sounded even better than on radio, I thought.

Alright, so here are some of my favourite looks…

Audrina Patridge
Okay, so I’m not really sure why she was there… but wow, she looked gorgeous!  I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up with a spin off show of her own.

Such a cute girl, I think I discovered her music last year some time and have been a big fan ever since.  She sings with a lot of soul, has a unique sound and is fun to watch.  I catch myself singing that ‘Mercy’ song quite often!  Plus, she has what may be the cutest accent I have ever heard. Ever.    Normally I’m not a fan of the “mesh/see-through” fabric on dresses but I felt this really worked. She pulls off black very well, the cut was very flattering and it was a great little twist on a classic look.

Sarha Bareilles
I noticed Katy Perry also went with red and pink together but I think Sarah pulled it off better. I LOVE this dress.  I think if I were going to the Grammys, I’d want to try and pull something this fluffy off too.  It’s so cute and I think it really works with the red.  I think she went a little over board with accessories but her hair and make up look darling.   She’s a pretty girl with a pretty voice and a pretty dress!
Zooey Deschanel
I figured I’d be including her.  I really love her sense of style not to mention her acting skills, personality and singing voice (if you haven’t listened to She and Him, you should!).  I think this dress is adorable and definitely something I would expect from her.  The colour is great and again, I feel the mesh works… I’m even feeling the one shoulder thing which I normally do not like.  I did notice that up close, her boobs don’t seem to fill out the dress but uh, hey…  Both my husband and I have crushes on this girl, haha.
Taylor Swift
I will admit, I own her latest album and love it.  I think she’s gorgeous and always so so modest and sweet.  This dress fit her so perfectly… I actually think she looked the best on the red carpet that night.  And she’s only 19!


One Response to “On the Red Carpet [51st Annual Grammy Awards]”

  1. songofstyle Says:

    i’ve seen audrina in real life and was surprised how toned her body was (she was surprising short tho) and she looks so fab up there.
    gosh, i need a reality show so i could go to the grammys hahaha

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