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Wishlist [bikini top] February 3, 2009

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So here I am, once again, searching the internet for a new bikini.  A task made difficult due to my, er, big boobies.  I’m sure there are lots of bikini stores around here so that’s an option too but as far as online shopping goes… it’s tough!  Victoria’s Secret is always a contender but I was happy to find another website that carries a surprising amount of bikini tops with built in underwire… Asos!  Honestly, I had no idea!  They have an even larger selection than VS!

red-Victoria’s Secret


One Response to “Wishlist [bikini top]”

  1. Amber Says:

    Wow! I really like the bikinis that Asos has. I just wish you could try them on first! Does Asos have a try on if they don’t fit you can return them for free policy?

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