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Shopping and Laundry February 2, 2009

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It’s February already? Crazy.

I went to the mall here for the first time yesterday… not too exciting but I was happy to have a Forever 21 to go to.  I tried on these (only $18 in store) and wow, if you have any sort of belly they really really flatten it!  I mean, they’re better than any sort of Spanx.  That said, I actually didn’t buy them, haha.  I’m thinking I probably will but for now I just grabbed some $7 stirrup leggings.  I also got a long cardigan and more headbands… I bought a black and teal pair but the black one broke.  They’re only $1.50 so I really can’t complain.

Don’t mind the flip flops, I really was just doing laundry.

(Forever 21 sweater and leggings, shoes Old Navy)


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