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What I Wore [California!] January 23, 2009

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So much is going on lately…   but California has been amazing so far.  The weather is wonderful!   I spent the first few days in shorts and bare legs but have switched to pants the past few days as it has cooled down.  I love how when it rains it only lasts a few minutes, hehe… so different from WA State!  I’ve met a few people so far and it’s easy to keep busy here.  I just feel really happy.  :)

I’ve been lazy about taking outfit pictures but I do have a few.  I’m not sure where I packed my little tripod!

I wore this to go out to dinner with my husband one of our first nights here.

(the bag is actually in the background. funny that it looks as though I’m holding it!)

17-0141(dress Suzy Shier, bag thrifted Goodwill, shoes thrifted Goodwill, belt I forget)


One Response to “What I Wore [California!]”

  1. Dawna Says:

    I really like the grey dress!! It suits you so well!

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