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What I Wore [blazer + denim shorts] January 1, 2009

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Today my parents, middle sister and I are going to the movies. We kind of made it a tradition to do this every New Years Day but we haven’t done it in the last few.  We’re going to go see Marley and Me… I think we’ll all enjoy it!  There are quite a few movies I’d like to see right now but I’m in the mood for something light hearted and cute.

(blazer Bryans, necklace gift, top Suzy Shier, tights Dollar Store and Target, shorts ebay, belt I forget, boots gift)

I can’t believe I haven’t been getting out in the snow to take pictures more regularly. It really provides a great backdrop and I find with all that white, pictures come out a lot better with my little point and shoot camera than usual.  Most of the snow has melted but we did get some fresh stuff last night. It sounds like it’s raining because of all the snow melting off of the trees.

I think this outfit is a good way for me to begin 2009.  It’s something I feel a little shy in due to the light wash high waisted shorts that are so 80’s but you know, I really like it.  One of my goals this year is to not only experiment more with what I wear but to be confident about wearing what I like out. It’s like what Wish Wish Wish said today...

Go crazy. Seriously. Don’t hold back. If you see something you like, but worry that your friends might not like it, or that you’ll get looked at in the street, all the more reason to buy it! Be yourself, be individual! Don’t be afraid to wear what makes you feel comfortable, whether that be pretty dresses or jogging bottoms. If you feel fabulous, you’ll look fabulous!

Mind you, these shorts won’t be the most comfortable thing to sit in a movie theatre in… haha.


One Response to “What I Wore [blazer + denim shorts]”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    You’re so brave to be taking pictures out in the snow!!!!!!

    You look so cute, though. Those boots are amazing!

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