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Boxing Day December 27, 2008

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Today’s Boxing Day in Canada (like America’s Black Friday) but no one will take me shopping (I can’t drive).  Oh well, I’m sure the sales will be on for a while.

My Christmas was nice. It was very much what I’m used to.  That said, I am eager to have my own traditions and I hope to change things around a bit next year.  When it comes to holidays or special occasions, I think of your five  senses; smell, touch, sight, sound, taste.   At Christmas I like to smell baked goods and candles (or a real fireplace like my parents have), touch a Christmas tree and scarves, see lights and snow and people I love, hear laughter and music, and taste spiked hot chocolate and shortbread…. among many other things.   If I get that, I’m content.

A few of my received gifts:

My husband and I will have our own mini little Christmas when we get to our new home in California, mid-January. :)


One Response to “Boxing Day”

  1. molly Says:

    merry christmas!
    that olsens book looks great
    where on the island did you grow up?

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