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Christmas Wishes December 24, 2008

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Merry Christmas!!


I have snow, family, little cousins, a Christmas tree,  chocolate, a new dress…   I’m missing a few things but you know, it’s okay.  This is such a wonderful time of year; I’m very thankful.  And once I get home, I will only have a few days before my husband arrives!  We’ll visit friends and family, throw a party (I like any excuse for a party. I plan on throwing an inauguration party even though I don’t know anyone in California really) and then get us all in the Uhaul (‘us’ being my husband and I, dog and cat) and move down to San Diego, California… into our new apartment!! So exciting!

Awful picture (I need a black bra!) but that’s my new dress… found it at Superstore for $8! It’s probably the most comfortable thing I own.


I found out today I can take the ferry to Vancouver and my aunt will pick me up and have me spend the night at their house before taking me to the bus to get home…or she might even drive me and we’ll go shopping! Either way, it saves me the hassle of taking extra buses or skytrains.  :)  Taking the bus from Vancouver to Tacoma is 5-6 hours long!  It’s a load of stress off my shoulders, knowing this.


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