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What I Wore [denim shorts] December 18, 2008

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Shorts and snow don’t mix, if you ask some people but I was honestly as warm in this as I was in pants. I do have two layers of tights on.

I can’t get over how beautiful everything looks. It’s not like I haven’t seen this area covered in snow before…  the pastel skies are particularly pretty, I think.

I took this down at the beach (duh) where it was even colder so… these were all I took then I rushed home for hot chocolate.  Okay okay, I did end up going back out for a longer walk.

(tights Ebay, shoes gift, self altered mens Levis, thrifted cardigan, Old Navy top, scarf knitted by my sister, gloves belong to my mom, hat gift)

Tomorrow I’m headed to the mall to begin (and hopefully finish) my Christmas shopping. I’m not buying for too many people this year and my husband’s gifts can wait until after the 25th (since I won’t see him until January 6th) so it’s not really stressful.  I hope I find the right gift for each person though.


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