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What I Wore [knits and new boots] December 15, 2008

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I currently hate everything I packed... and I’m stuck with it all for 3 weeks! I just feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of the same stuff again and again these past few months since I’m not shopping too often.  Even now, I can’t really afford to shop for myself when I haven’t even started Christmas shopping! haha

I’m playing around with my sister’s Canon PowerShot S5 IS which is much nicer than my cheaper camera.  I didn’t get the lighting right today as I rushed (it’s very cold out!) but man, the camera is just so much easier to use to get a decent picture!

(family dog, shoes gift, socks Wet Seal, tights Ebay, jacket Suzy Shier, skirt Old Navy, cardigan Old Navy, belt thrifted, top Suzy Shier altered by me, scarf knitted by my sister, bracelets Wet Seal)

New shoes which aren’t really new. My mom has had them for years and decided to give them to me as they are too small for her and I love them.  I was kind of hoping this would happen, haha.  Also, huge knitted scarves are amazing this time of year!


Well, one of my sister’s is coming over soon for a late birthday celebration and I need to finish baking her cake. I haven’t seen her in 6 months, so I’m excited!


One Response to “What I Wore [knits and new boots]”

  1. Hey. I tend to forget for great lengths of time that you keep this other blog. =) I love all the pictures you are always taking of yourself; you’re so photogenic!

    Canada looks like I thought it would – trees and snow. Ha ha.

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