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What I Wore [ripped tights] December 9, 2008

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My husband got us an apartment! I mean, it’s almost official. It will be on Friday.  He’ll be moving in this week and then hopefully, in January, he can come up here so we can rent a Uhaul and move me (and our stuff/pets) down to the apartment in California.  So exciting!!  I think I’ll have to do an ‘apartment inspiration’ post soon to celebrate.

I wore this last week or something. I get so behind! I really love the ripped tights look, so I went to town on these.. although they could use some more work.  I’m trying to make it so that there are runs going down the entire front but not the back of the tights.





(self altered shirt unknown, self altered tights Target, necklace gift)

ps. I realize I don’t talk about my life or myself a ton here so, I don’t know, if anyone has questions just ask.


One Response to “What I Wore [ripped tights]”

  1. janine Says:

    Im always purposely Destroying “BLACK OPAQUE” Tights..try using a metal “cheese grater” works wonders and you can really go to town,,as i just have on a Brand new pair of 120 Black “super opaques” Tights.

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