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What I Wore [dyed dress] December 7, 2008

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Nursing a hangover today, wishing my husband would at least come online (I hardly get to talk to him these days. He’s so busy and I don’t have a phone) and getting ready to travel to my parents’ house for the holidays.  I’m going to spend around three weeks there, I can’t wait! I will miss my pets though…



(top Target, dress Rave, tights Ebay, shoes Target, bag thrifted)

This dress was white, like in my Thanksgiving post, but that night I managed to spill red wine on it. So, instead of trying to bleach it or something I just dyed the whole thing with…. uh, wine.  haha.  A few washes later and now it’s a pale purple/pink colour; stain free!  It actually worked out really well.


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