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What I Wore November 18, 2008

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Tags: , , is back up, as in, you can dig through the archives. I’d love for Agathe to start posting there again! Her blog was really the first one I found that introduced me to this little heaven of street style and fashion blogging.  It definitely inspired me to start my own!  She was always a great combination of class and rock. Her look always said strength to me (here, in a society where women are supposed to be strong without showing it too much *eye roll*).

This outfit was inspired by her blog.  Her slouchy tops, high waisted black skirts, black tights, bunched up socks, red lips and scarves.


Old Navy skirt, Ebay tights, Wet Seal OTK socks, thrifted scarf, husband’s top


One Response to “What I Wore”

  1. Chic Looks Says:

    agathe is amazing, I love the added scarf on your outfit.

    PS: I’m considering going to ikea for the heart shape lamp. lol!!

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