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What I Wore [x4] November 17, 2008

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I’m behind on this, so here are… four!


Old Navy sweater, scarf as a gift, Wet Seal pants, thrifted shoes, Target mittens, Old Navy cardigan…


Old Navy cardigan, Forever 21 jeans, La Senza slip worn as top, Target fedora, Wet Seal clutch


Ebay skirt altered by me, Ebay tights, Ebay shoes, Old Navy cardigan, Old Navy top, Suzy Shier jacket

This one shoes how I typically change/switch items for going out to walk my dog.10-04210-043

Suzy Shier jacket, Ebay scarf, Rave dress altered by me, Ebay tights, Thrifted shoes/Target shoes

And I think I’m finally used to walking in 2 1/2″ heels. OKay, so that’s not very tall but I am tall so hmm… maybe that doesn’t make a difference but whatever. Sucess for me!  Now of course I’m diving head first into sites like Nine West and Fornarina, drooling hopelessly…


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