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Fall/winter Wish List November 16, 2008

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I’m definitely still craving a lot of black, as Polyvore just further proved to me, but hanging onto colourful accessories.  Now that we’re nearing late November, the weather is pretty cold and Fall is starting to blend into Winter in my mind.  Sunny California won’t be home for me until January so until then, I’ll be clinging to layers and layers of… yes, black.  This is my favourite time of the year for fashion, always has been, as I prefer layering and I’m thinking that living in California will really force me to try new things, fashion-wise since it’ll be hot much more often.

winter 08 by sofastrout

black ankle boots, oversized cardigans, pencil skirt, ziiiiippers, lace and pvc leggings, blazers, bows, feathers, riding boots, bright eyeshadow ETC. Mmm….


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