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Bored on a Sunday night November 10, 2008

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Tonight I feel sad. I am without a phone and not really sure what to do about it since buying a new one would be costly… I have talked to my husband once on the phone since last Wednesday and for about 30 seconds today on AIM. That’s all! I don’t feel like crying, I just need a distraction. I want to curl up in a big sweater with a hot drink and watch a movie but really, it won’t help anything. I suppose I’ll do it anyway although I’ve seen my movies a bazillion times.

Anyway, I got bored tonight and re-created the look on the left:

Just because I could.

(uh, I realize the above probably makes no sense. Basically, my husband is in California because he’s in the military and I have not moved there to join him yet; that’s why we’re apart!)
Oh, weird, my husband just came online. He had such a bad weekend, poor guy. :[ At least he can come online now.


2 Responses to “Bored on a Sunday night”

  1. Dawna Says:

    How come you haven’t moved yet?

  2. Dawna Says:

    Lame that you aren’t housed… But I suppose that means you might find something nicer than what you’d get. And I hear you about expensive rent, hope you guys find something good!

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